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I have just created a flask application and so far I have a router for a "Hello world!" template.

I would like to add a little (a lot) more functionality, but I wonder how I should structure this.

What is a common way of structuring a Flask app? For instance, should I create a routes.py for all my routes? Where does the sqlAlchemy-stuff go? Should models be in models.py?

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You should check out the Larger Applications page in the Patterns section of the Flask docs: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/patterns/packages/. It seems to be the model that most people follow when their application calls for a package instead of a module.

I believe views.py is what you are calling routes.py. After that, models would go in models.py, forms would go in forms.py, etc.

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I think flask is micro framework and now you must decide how create files and folders.

i use this way :

this is near Django structure

i suggest you see some project to give you what you want

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