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I have used Face book Apps for register and login for my website (in PHP). Problem is very simple for you all experts. When I try to login via FaceBook using my email id which I am using for Facebook developer login then I succeed but if I give any other email ID I can't able to login. Ex. x123@yahoo.com is id which I'm using for Facebook Developer Account a123@gmail.com is normal Facebook user account. Now if use x123@yahoo.com for login in my website, I am successful and redirected to Profile Page) But if I use a123@gmail.com for login in my website I FAIL and I come back on same page from where I tried to login Any guidance will help me to move forward I'm stuck here

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Are you running the app in Sandbox Mode? – Andrew Threadgill Jan 19 '13 at 16:06

By the reading of your problem I think you have your app on Sandbox mode. If you want to test on other profiles, you should consider creating Test Users.

Depending of your purposes, you may create another app just to make your tests (and therefore need not to be on sandbox mode).

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