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I'm writing a choose-your-own-adventure style program. I'm creating three question arrays q1--q3, each with an array, another array, and a hash. The goal is to move through the array with my question_charge method then return what the next question array should be based on the user's answer.

puts "Please choose an answer to the following questions"

q1 = [["What is your answer to this very first question?"],["A - Option 1","B - Option 2","C - Option 3"],{"A" => q2,"B" => q3, "C" => q3}]
q2 = [["This is the second question, can I have an answer?"],["A - Option 2-1","B - Option 2-2","C - Option 2-3"],{"A" => q3,"B" => q3,"C" => q4}]
q3 = [["Question #3! What is your answer?"],["A - Option 3-1","B - Option 3-2","C - Option 3-3"]]

current_question = q1
def question_charge(current_question)
  x = 0
  puts current_question[x]
  x += 1
  puts current_question[x]
  answer = gets.chomp
  puts "You answered " + answer
  x += 1
  current_question = current_question[x][answer]


Sometimes when I run this, I receive the following error:

(eval):2: undefined local variable or method `q2' for main:Object (NameError)

When it does work, q3 doesn't have a hash in the array as in the final question. When I answer 'A' to the first question, it returns all of my arrays multiple times. If I answer 'C' for q3, it returns just fine. Can anyone tell me how I can return the only the array I want and without receiving an error?

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When you are defining the first question, your hash is the following:

{"A" => q2,"B" => q3, "C" => q3}

but at that point, neither q2 or q3 are defined. You need to define q2 and q3 before you reference them.

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So I just needed q1 = Hash.new q2 = Hash.new q3 = Hash.new before I start throwing values into the hashes? Thanks a ton! –  csakon Jan 21 '13 at 4:49
Rather, I probably need to define the arrays not as hashes... –  csakon Jan 21 '13 at 4:56

I'll try to rewrite you method to make more sense

def ask_question(current_question)
  question, options, next_question_hash = current_question

  puts question # "What is your answer to this very first question?"
  puts options  # "A - Option 1", ...

  answer = gets.chomp

  puts "You answer #{answer}"

  next_question = next_question_hash[answer]

This asks a question, and then returns the next question to answer.

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