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Using Python gdata in my Goggle App Engine Application I am trying to copy a google docs resource and put the copy in the same folder as the source file. The CopyResource method that I use put the copy at the root level.

Would you know how to query Google Docs to have the list of folders/collections in which a file is?


doc_service = 
doc_service.ClientLogin('username', 'abc123', 'my app name')

   doc = doc_service.GetResourceById(resourceId)
   newdoc = doc_service.CopyResource(doc, filename)

   # newdoc is copied at the root level of Google Drive
   # need to move it where the source file is located. 

   newdocid ='utf-8').split('%3A')[1]

   # would like here to have my newly copied document
   # moved to the same directory as the source one.
   # assuming the source is only in one folder.

except gdata.client.RequestError, inst:'Copy Error: %s', inst.body)
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for parent in doc.InCollections(): print Docs.ressource_id_from_href(parent.href) – Kiwisauce Jan 19 '13 at 17:17
Thanks, the for-loop work, though I am not sure what library to import for your Docs.ressource_id_from_href method? – VanacK Jan 21 '13 at 18:18

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