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I have elements (images in <a> tags) list which arranged by dynamic ID. It is possible to select only one of those. Assume that I select any element. This time, I change its style and set "SelectedItem" value to its name attribute to find the selected item in future. I want that, when mouse over selected item, to change its src value, but jquery function does not work, because I set name="SelectedItem" attribute with javascript, in runtime, it works after reload a page. When I set name="SelectedItem" in the code (default, before runtime) it work. But I want to do it without reloading a page.

enter image description here

Shortly, when I do select operation I set name="SelectedItem" to selected image:

function SelectItem(id) {
var imgId = 'productImage_' + id;
var imgId_element = document.getElementById(imgId.toString());

//my some operations

imgId_element.name = "SelectedItem";

And take name's value when UnSelect.

function UnSelectItem(id) {
var imgId = 'productImage_' + id;
var imgId_element = document.getElementById(imgId.toString());

//my some operations

imgId_element.name = "";

I want to set unselect image to background of only selected images. When I Select/Unselect any item with SelectItem()/UnSelectItem() following mouseover()/mouseout() not work.

$("img[name='SelectedItem']").mouseover(function () {
            $(this).attr("src", "/Content/images/select.png");
        }).mouseout(function () {
            $(this).attr("src", "/Content/images/unselect.png");

HTML is:

<img src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/select.png")" id='productImage_@(Model.Id)'  data-id='@Model.Id'  @{if (Model.IsSelected) { <text>name="SelectedItem"</text>} }  alt="" />

How can I solve this problem?

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Mixing jQuery with plain DOM manipulation is sort-of confusing. If you're going to use jQuery, you might as well go all-in. – Pointy Jan 19 '13 at 16:50
imgId is a string already, you don't need .toString() – Bergi Jan 19 '13 at 16:51
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$('body').on('mouseover', 'img[name=SelectedItem]', function() {
  this.src = "/Content/images/select.png";
}).on('mouseout', 'img[name=SelectedItem]', function() {
  this.src = "/Content/images/unselect.png";

By using the 3-argument variant of .on(), you set up a delegated handler on the <body> element. When the mouse events bubble up to that, the handler will check the target element against the selector.

Now, that said, using the "name" property/attribute for <img> elements doesn't make a lot of sense; that's not a valid attribute. You'd be better off adding/removing a class value:

function SelectItem(id) {
  $('#productImage' + id).addClass('SelectedItem');

and then:

$('body').on('mouseover', '.SelectedItem', function() { ... })

etc. Finally, you'd be better off using the synthetic "mouseenter" and "mouseleave" events, as those get over some browser oddities.

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Really great example , it helped me alot – Ata Feb 18 '13 at 6:00

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