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I am creating a Log in scheme using SimpleMembershipProvider in MVC4. I wanted a little more control than what i get with the out of the box AccountControl. So I have modified the connections to use my database and table, however I would like fields like first name, last name and email to be required.

WebSecurity.CreateUserAndRole(username, password);

fails because of the required field types. I have found that I can use PropertyValues to fix this issue, however I cannot figure out how to make PropertyValues equal more than one value.

WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount(user.Username, user.password, propertyValues: new {firstName = user.firstName});

How do I go about using multiple PropertyValues?

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I'm not sure, but can you maybe try adding another entry to the new {} object you're creating. Something like:

WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount(user.Username, user.password,
                                 propertyValues: new {firstName = user.firstName,
                                                      lastName = user.lastName});
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I was trying to add new { firstname = fname } new { lastname = lname} and it was failing. It is always the simple answers that are the hardest for me. Thanks! –  sec_goat Jan 19 '13 at 17:26

You must add column (firstName & lastName) to table dbo.UserProfile in aspnet DB (in folder app_data) for using:

WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount(model.UserName, model.Password, new {firstName = user.firstName, lastName = user.lastName});
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