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I have the following Markup:

<a href="controllerName/ActionMethodName?Pid=@Model.Collection[i].Pid">Know more</a>

I redirect user to this page using following javascript:

<input type="button" id="btnGoTo" value="ButtonCaption" onclick="window.location.href = '../Product/Index';" />

The problem is when a user is redirected the redirection is happening as:


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You should use the routes:

onclick="window.location.href = '@(Url.Action("Index","Product")'"

Don't hardcode URLs in MVC, Always use the URL helpers.

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You shouldn't have any javascript for this. you will automatically redirected to the specified URL with that href. If you are using RAZOR View Engine then , your call should be like :

    "some text", 
    new { myParams = "Hello" }, 

which will generate the proper anchor tag:

 <a href="/MyController/MyAction?myParams=Hello">some text</a>

You can use any one of them.In your case , you can skip using Javascript by just putting / before your controller name.

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