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What is the equivalent to WebBrowser.Navigated Event in native delphi (XE3)?

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Will be OnNavigateComplete2 :

Write an OnNavigateComplete2 event handler to take specific action when the Web browser successfully navigates to a new resource. The event can occur before the document is fully downloaded, but when it occurs at least part of the document must be received and a viewer for the document created.

WebBrowser.Navigated Event :

Handle the Navigated event to receive notification when the WebBrowser control has navigated to a new document. When the Navigated event occurs, the new document has begun loading, which means you can access the loaded content through the Document, DocumentText, and DocumentStream properties. Handle the DocumentCompleted event to receive notification when the WebBrowser control finishes loading the new document.

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The TWebBrowser.OnNavigateComplete2 event.

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