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I've been playing with $.Deferred and promise()'s, and noticed that almost all jQuery methods have a promise method, so I'd like to know where else can the promise be used. So far, I'm aware it can be used in:

  • Animation (animate, fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeTo, hide, show, etc)
  • AJAX ($.ajax, $.post, $.get, $.getJSON, etc)
  • setTimeout functions (with resolve called manually inside one of the functions)
  • Queue like implementions (execute commands in order, that can have other callbacks plugged-in on-the-fly)
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Well, any asynchronous operation really. Just write a wrapper that does .resolve()/.reject() in the native callback. E.g. IndexedDB, FileSystem API, Web Workers. –  pimvdb Jan 19 '13 at 18:21

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I looked through the source code. It looks like the only one you missed is $.ready.promise(). This seems to treat the primary ready event of JQuery as a promise, so from the beginning you could write:

 .then(function() { return $.ajax({ ... }); })
         // do something with data
         // handle errors
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