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I want to add some syntax highlighting to text being written in QLineEdit, but it does not support rich text formatting, I can not change QlineEdit to something else, so I should find how to set color of text in this widget.

Is there a way to do this?

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Just found a neat trick for that.

static void setLineEditTextFormat(QLineEdit* lineEdit, const QList<QTextLayout::FormatRange>& formats)

    QList<QInputMethodEvent::Attribute> attributes;
    foreach(const QTextLayout::FormatRange& fr, formats)
        QInputMethodEvent::AttributeType type = QInputMethodEvent::TextFormat;
        int start = fr.start - lineEdit->cursorPosition();
        int length = fr.length;
        QVariant value = fr.format;
        attributes.append(QInputMethodEvent::Attribute(type, start, length, value));
    QInputMethodEvent event(QString(), attributes);
    QCoreApplication::sendEvent(lineEdit, &event);

static void clearLineEditTextFormat(QLineEdit* lineEdit)
    setLineEditTextFormat(lineEdit, QList<QTextLayout::FormatRange>());

// Usage example:
QLineEdit* lineEdit = new QLineEdit;
lineEdit->setText(tr("Task Tracker - Entry"));

QList<QTextLayout::FormatRange> formats;

QTextCharFormat f;

QTextLayout::FormatRange fr_task;
fr_task.start = 0;
fr_task.length = 4;
fr_task.format = f;

QTextLayout::FormatRange fr_tracker;
fr_tracker.start = 5;
fr_tracker.length = 7;
fr_tracker.format = f;


customizeLineEditText(lineEdit, formats);
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Wow, that's really useful in my project. Thank you so much! –  TonyLic Dec 30 '13 at 19:22

You can change color of texts like this:

QLineEdit *line = new QLineEdit();
line->setText("this is a test");
line->setStyleSheet("foreground-color: blue;");

If it won't work, replace the last line with the following:

line->setStyleSheet("foreground: blue;");
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You can change the color with the use of style sheets: http://doc.qt.digia.com/qt/stylesheet-reference.html

 QLineEdit* myLineEdit = new QLineEdit("Whatever");

 //for whatever case you want to change the color

You may want to consider using QTextBrowser for this case.

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Thanks, I managed to find neat trick to highlight just QLineEdit text. –  Vasaka Jan 20 '13 at 11:31
I have just added the answer to my question. –  Vasaka Jan 20 '13 at 12:51

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