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I'm in the process of switching my site over to less and I was wanting to continue the use of Web.Optimization however, it fails on compiling less. Is there a way to register .less{} as the processor for this or simply tell it to bundle, but not minify anything with a .less extension?

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Take a look at this guide to bundling and minification. It contains an example on bundling LESS files.

Essentially you create a class that implements IBundleTransform

using System.Web.Optimization;

public class LessTransform : IBundleTransform
    public void Process(BundleContext context, BundleResponse response)
        response.Content = dotless.Core.Less.Parse(response.Content);
        response.ContentType = "text/css";

With this and CssMinify you can then create a bundle.

var lessBundle = new Bundle("~/My/Less").IncludeDirectory("~/My", "*.less");
lessBundle.Transforms.Add(new LessTransform());
lessBundle.Transforms.Add(new CssMinify());
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