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I'm currently listing my root objects as:

var files = new List<string>();
var request = new ListObjectsRequest();

    using (AmazonS3 client = Amazon.AWSClientFactory.CreateAmazonS3Client(this.accessKey, this.secretAccessKey))
    using (ListObjectsResponse r = client.ListObjects(request))
        foreach (var o in r.S3Objects)
            //o.ETag, o.Key, o.StorageClass, o.Size
            if (o.Size > 0)
catch (Exception ex)
    // log exception

in o.Key there's the file name, but I would like to get the public path for this file name and I don't seam to find help on getting such reference to an existing file.

I normally use the Public Bucket url inside the configuration file, but I was wondering if I can avoid such configuration and actually get that from the Object itself upon retrieval.

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found out that is a little easier as Amazon S3 follows a convention:

string path = String.Format("http://{0}", originBucketName);

this will be the public path.

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