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I have a questions. I search for a solution for these. Wanna use el with child function. But didn't work sofar. If i clear the el it works but then i have all elements class last.

Mootools Script

 $$('ul#portfolio li, .ce_id').each(function(el) {  
                    if(!el.hasClass(filterVal)) {  
                        el.fade('out').setStyle('display', 'none').addClass('hidden');

                    } else {  
                      el.setStyle('display', 'block').fade('in').removeClass('hidden');

Hope you guys can help me. Or its not possible to use el or VAR with :nth-last-child together?

Update: But didn't work.

              else {  
               el.setStyle('display', 'block').fade('in').removeClass('hidden');

Update 2:

Here the Code So i want when i click on print that every 4 li witch not hidden and has the class witch clicked get the class last.

Best reagards

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JQuery? i Use Mootools. And i found this on the Mootools site. $$('#myDiv:nth-child(2n)'); But i need the element not. – user1898361 Jan 19 '13 at 19:11
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I'm cutting down on the code a bit, but you cant but the el in the selector. Instead you should use el.getChildren or el.getElements. Here is an example:

$$('#parent > div').each(function(el){

Here is a working example:

Edit: It's really hard to understand from your question what works and not. However, if you try to animate you can not just fade it in. You need to hide it first.

$$('#parent div.hidden').fade('hide');

$$('#parent > div').each(function (el) {

Here is the example:

Edit (After getting the fiddle): In my example I thought you where changing the nth-child in the "li". The problem is that you can't do it in your each-statement. Do it separate.

Here is fiddle when using :nth-last-child:

However, is't not probably going to do what you want, and it's not really possible to use the :nth-child in this case. You have to make the selection by your self.

 var visable = $$('ul#portfolio li:not(.hidden)').reverse();
 visable.each(function (item, index) {
     // same as 4n + 4
     if (index % 4 == 3) {

Here is a fiddle demonstrating it: (I added the last class to the style with a solid red border so it would be visable)

I hope I finally understood your question...

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Thx for help. But didn't work. I try this see Update. But has no effect to the class. addClass and removeclass works. I have there <li> with class like print, web and coporate design. And a navagtion that send filterVal (var) to hide or show <li> item. And i need last couse there are 4 items per line and when some of them are set display none i need the .last at another position. – user1898361 Jan 19 '13 at 20:12
Oky i will do fiddle. Sorry my english is not that good – user1898361 Jan 19 '13 at 21:42
So here . Oky i try again. :) I want when i click on "print" that every 4 <li> witch is not hidden get the class last – user1898361 Jan 19 '13 at 22:01
OKY NOW IT WORKS! Thx alot. i change reverse() to sort(). . So again what i want and now wokr is. Set every 4 li class last witch is not hidden, cause i have all li margin-right and i clear this at the li's with the class last. – user1898361 Jan 20 '13 at 12:07

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