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I'm dealing with this a few days, and cannot connect to a simple mysql database on localhost.

require "mysql"

@db_host = "localhost"
@db_user = "myrubyapp"
@db_pass = "1234"
@db_name = "myrubyapp"

mysql = Mysql.new(:host => @db_host, :username => @db_user, :password => @db_pass, :database => @db_name)

The output I got is an error: can't convert Hash into String (TypeError) where Mysql.new is.

The second one, I tried to change the gem to mysql2

require "mysql2"

@db_host = "localhost"
@db_user = "myrubyapp"
@db_pass = "1234"
@db_name = "myrubyapp"

mysql = Mysql2.new(:host => @db_host, :username => @db_user, :password => @db_pass, :database => @db_name)

The output is an error too, but is different from the first: undefined method "new" for Mysql2:Module (NoMethodError).

Guys I'm sorry that I have to ask this kind of questions, but I'm really really confused, I have an experience of programming more than 3 years in JavaSE and EE, I am ashamed cause I can't deal with that. Please point me into right direction and don't judge me harshly. I am new to Ruby.

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mysql = Mysql2::Client.new(:host => @db_host, :username => @db_user, :password => @db_pass, :database => @db_name)
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Can't connect to MySQL server on "localhost" (10061) (Mysql2::Error) I tried to put instead of localhost - and it connects, but why? –  Denees Jan 19 '13 at 19:59
Maybe because localhost is not getting resolved to or you have a firewall whose ports have been opened only for What OS are you using? If Linux or OSX variants, do you see " localhost" or " localhost.localdomain localhost" in the /etc/hosts file? –  Subhash Bhushan Jan 20 '13 at 10:02

correct syntax is:

client = Mysql2::Client.new(:host => "localhost", :username => "root")

see mysql2 on github for more examples

I recomment you to take a look at Sequel as raw mysql2 lib provide a very limited functionality and Sequel can do a lot.

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Thanks for the link, and for advice, I'll try as an alternative :) –  Denees Jan 19 '13 at 20:03

Never used the gem mysql, but have you tried to remove the hash :host => etc and pass directly a list of parameters?
Something like con = Mysql.new db_host, db_user, db_pass, db_name
http://zetcode.com/db/mysqlrubytutorial/ for a tutorial

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Yeap I tried, and it's the same error –  Denees Jan 19 '13 at 19:59

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