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i am new bie in code igniter .i have a data showing in tables in my view page .. in each row there is an edit button .. i want that if i clicks on the edit link a colorbox is gonna pop up with a form in which the form is filled with old values and he then able to update it.. i have done everything in controller and model but i dont know how to use colorbox .. i visit their site also but i didnt understand much .. this is what i am doing here is the form where user add the data

form name and id is "form" 
echo form_open('employesController/addEmployes')


  this is the table where data is showing
    <td><?php echo $row->emp_name ?></td>

   <td><?php echo $row->description ?></td>

<td> <a href = "employesController/editEmploye/<?php echo  $row->emp_id ?>" id = "btn">   Edit

my controller

 function editEmploye($id){

$data['result'] = $this->employesModel->getEditEmploye($id);
echo  json_encode($data);

my modal

     function getEditEmploye($id)
    return $this->db->where('emp_id',$id)->get('employees')->row();

and i thing my jquery function for popup modal is going to be like that ..

var $form = $("#form");
$("#").colorbox({inline:true, href:$form});


please tell me how can i get selected row values in a form in Colorbox

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Ok, Colorbox and codeigniter really work well together. I have done several projects in CI that have used Colorbox.

Colorbox will just load a url within an iframe.

so for example.


without colorbox it would change in the current window. If you include color box class on the actual link it should open within the iframe.

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