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What i'm trying to do is append hotspots on top of an existing image. As of right now this code appends the new div and image but does so next to the image and not on top of it. I'm new to javascript and jquery so any help is appreciated.

//build data structure to store coordinates and content. 
var product_hotspots = new Array();
product_hotspots[0] = {x: 200, y:200, content: "This is test content"}
product_hotspots[1] = {x: 500, y:500, content: "This is more test content"}
product_hotspots[2] = {x: 400, y:400, content: "This is even more test content"}

//loop through each hotspot. 
$(product_hotspots).each(function(idx) {
    //append a new div to #product_image for each hotspot with the following format: 
    var $newdiv1 = $('<div id="bullet" style="position: absolute; top: product_hotspot[idx].x; left: product_hotspot[idx].y" data-content="product_hotspot[idx].content"></div>');
    var $image1 = $('<img src="images/hotspot.png"/>');


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Your concatenation of the properties taken from object is incorrect. You are missing quotes that tell javascript they aren't strings and values of a javascript object


$('<div id="bullet" style="position: absolute; top:'+product_hotspot[idx].x+'px; left:'+product_hotspot[idx].y+'px" data-content="'+product_hotspot[idx].content+'"></div>');

Notice the syntax highlighting of the product_hotpsot items reflecting they are not string

NOTE: I believe you have x and y in wrong positions within the style. Normally x is left not top

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No more script errors but the images are still not on top of the existing image that is placed on the webpage first. They show up on the side of the existing image. By on TOP I mean overlapping the original image. –  g5insider Jan 19 '13 at 23:18
inspect the element html and css in browser console. Any out of place quote or missing space in html will cause it to render incorrectly. Hard to troubleshoot without being able to inspect in console. Overlapping could be a lack of space.. I have no idea what page or elements look like –  charlietfl Jan 19 '13 at 23:22
Oooooooooh... just noticed importnt part that's missing.... need to add px after the top and left values. I've done same thing before myself. Without the units browser doesn't know how to interpret and ignores the top and left. Make sure px is in string part, with no leading space. I modified answer also –  charlietfl Jan 19 '13 at 23:24
var $newdiv1 = $('<div id="bullet" style="position: absolute; left:'+product_hotspots[idx].x+'px ; top:'+product_hotspots[idx].y+'px" data-content="'+product_hotspots[idx].content+'px"></div>'); –  g5insider Jan 19 '13 at 23:32
That's the new code with all the things you asked and I'm still getting the same results. –  g5insider Jan 19 '13 at 23:33

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