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I added a microsoft azure storage to my hosting strategy and moved about 15gb if videos to Azure. I set up the CDN endpoint and it seems fine and i have no complaints . But I added monotoring and cant understand the "Success percentage" indicator and why would it not be 100%?

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Because some requests can go wrong:

  • Throttling
  • Authentication failed (SAS key expired for example)
  • Client / Server Timeout
  • Network errors

The complete list of possible errors can be found here: Storage Analytics Logged Operations and Status Messages

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A am new to azure and the default dashboard paints Availability (BLOB), Success Percentage (Blob) and Total Requests (Blob). Success Percentage (Blob) is at 33.15% This is very worrysome but site seems to work fine. All these blobs are FLV video assets and i am hopeful its a false indication of browser realizing video is cached verses 66% failure to get video. It doesn't seem like i can drill in deeper using the azure web dashboard ... is that correct? I would now need to locate code/write some code to use the statistic tables being collected on Azure to know more? – phoenixAZ Jan 20 '13 at 17:59

Sandrino was mostly correct however a page which may have a postback has a http 304 on assets which are chached. Currently azure reports that in its fail to deliver percentage. I belive thsi is going to be changed next console update.

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