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JDT Tutorial an example code to get the type hierarchy using JDT.

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How can I set the region (=set of java Elements) parameter? When I have code A that has SubClass B, and SuperClass C. How can I set the region?

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After reading the IRegion Javadocs and Using Eclipse's JDT, how does one get an IType from a class name?, I get the impression you should be able to create a region like this:

final IJavaProject project = ...;
final IProgressMonitor monitor = ...;
final IRegion region = JavaCore.newRegion();
final ITypeHierarchy typeHierarchy = project.newTypeHierarchy(region, monitor);
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This code that I got hint from this site works fine.

IRegion region = JavaCore.newRegion();
for (IJavaElement i : javaProject.getPackageFragmentRoots())
    String elementName = i.getElementName();
    if (!elementName.endsWith("jar") && !elementName.endsWith("zip"))

    NullProgressMonitor progressMonitor = new  NullProgressMonitor();

    // for getting a class hierarchy for type
    ITypeHierarchy typeHierarchy= type.newTypeHierarchy(progressMonitor);
    // for getting all the class hierarchies of the region in the project
    ITypeHierarchy typeHierarchy= javaProject.newTypeHierarchy(region, progressMonitor);

Related - Why I got no super classes with getAllSuperclasses() in JDT API?

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