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I put some data into clipboard , after I copied data from the clipboard, I want to clear the data without clearing the entire clipboard.

Something like that:

wchar_t* buf=NULL;
if( OpenClipboard(NULL)!=0)
HANDLE hData = GetClipboardData( CF_UNICODETEXT );
buf = (wchar_t*)GlobalLock( hData );
GlobalUnlock( hData );
return buf;

//job is done, and now I want to clear only hData!

As far as I understand, EmptyClipboard() will empty everything!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm wondering why would you want to do this. I am not an expert in Windows programming, but I will try to answer anyway because it seems to me that this question has been left "orphan" and I might provide some insight (hoping I am not spectacularly mistaken).

As far as I understand, the clipboard is meant to hold several alternative representations (in different formats) of one entity.

What is the use case for removing only one such representation? I would say what makes sense is either remove all the representations (through EmptyClipboard()) or none.

Probably you are thinking that the clipboard is meant to hold several entities of different type, and this is why you are looking for a selective removal. I'm afraid that is a misconception, and does not reflect the real purpose of the clipboard.

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The clipboard only holds a single IDataObject at one time; this data object can present multiple data formats but it is just a single COM object. The only way to do what you want would be to duplicate the existing data object (minus the format you wish to remove) and set that to the clipboard in place of the original.

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Thanks for the answer, a how can I do that? –  gglobulus Jan 20 '13 at 10:23

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