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I am trying to execute some JAX-WS code with Ant and although the javac target succeeds the java target fails with the following:


Now if I explicitly add the following jar to the classpath used by the java task:


... the execution then succeeds but that shouldn't have been necessary as JAVA_HOME is properly set:

$ echo $JAVA_HOME

Moreover, I echo the version of java Ant is using and I get:

Here's the relative section of my Ant run task:

<echo message="${}" />
<java classname="${}">                    
   <classpath refid="run.classpath"/>           

Finally, if I run the code from the command line (not from within Ant) execution also succeeds without having to explicit add rt.jar to the CLASSPATH.

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A solution was to set the java's Ant task fork property to "true":

<java classname ="${}" fork="true">
    <classpath refid="run.classpath"/>

When fork is set to "true" then the rt.jar doesn't have to be explicitly present in the run.classpath.

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