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First of all, I'm not flash expert.. still trying to figure out, however, i used a tool (sothink SWF decompiler) to decompile an SWF file to FLA, i first thought it will only end up with a single FLA file that has everything,
after decompiling, it extracted FLA, AS, and many different directories (com, it, mx, org ..)
the problem is, Flash Pro doesn't give me the option to import those folders, it seems i need to import file by file with the way they sorted which is really painful, in fact.. i don't know how, after searching for a while i think they're libraries, i guess some of those libraries are default in flash pro and are already in there, and some others as i noticed are file-related

I wonder if there's some way to import all the decompiled contents .. edit actionscript and save it back to an SWF file ?

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have you tried compiling the generated .fla ? it should use a document class which uses the rest of the classes. the code will be messy and variable names won't help, so you'd need to start following variables around and giving them a meaningful name, fix errors, etc. goodluck –  George Profenza Jan 20 '13 at 1:53
In your main FLA you can go into publish settings > actionscript settings and there you can set all the classpaths. These are the paths where the FLA should look for .as classes when compiling. –  Kokodoko Jan 30 '14 at 13:24
since you mentioned that it contains an MX folder, it probably wasnt created by Flash Pro, it was probably created by Flash Builder, targeting Flex framework. –  Kaushal De Silva Feb 13 '14 at 23:40

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