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Instead of doing

$("#IsOutdoors").click(function () {

$("#HasPatio").click(function () {

Is there a better way if I want to do multiple .click evnts? Thanks!

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Other than taking out jQuery, no, not really. – Tyler Crompton Jan 19 '13 at 23:45
You mean $('#foo, #bar').click(...? – Šime Vidas Jan 19 '13 at 23:45
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Just use all your selectors in one string, and separate them with a comma:

$("#IsOutdoors, #HasPatio").click(function () {

For a more succinct version, you can pass the SendData function itself to click:

$("#IsOutdoors, #HasPatio").click( SendData );

Bewarned though that this will change the this value within SendData.

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There are quite a few ways:

  • Combine the selectors
    Just like you would do in CSS, use a comma to target multiple selectors:
    $("#IsOutdoors, #HasPatio").click(SendData);
  • Add to the jQuery collection
    You can add extra elements to an existing jQuery collection using $.add(). Since the individual selections are internally shortcut using getElementById() instead of a full querySelectorAll() or Sizzle, this may be more efficient.
  • Add a common class to the elements
    This is not really a scripting solution, but if the elements are logically similar, a class may be appropriate.
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It depends what you mean by better. Do you want less code but the same outcome? You can do something like

$("#IsOutdoors, #HasPatio").click(SendData);

If you're looking to reduce the number of click handlers, say if you have multiple DOM elements that all have the same click handler, you can instead put the event hander on a parent element. You can then either list all of the IDs of the elements that this event should be delegated to or give them all a common class like clickable. Let's say your HTML looks like the following:

<div id='someParent'>
  <div id='IsOutdoors' class='clickable'></div>
  <div id='HasPatio' class='clickable'></div>

You can simplify your click handler to

$("#someParent").on('click', '.clickable", SendData);

or if you don't want to add the class like I suggested

$("#someParent").on('click', '#IsOutdoors #HasPatio", SendData);
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