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I am working on downloading in my app, I have add the functionality like file downloaded size and Total size, but have no idea how to manage the time remaining to complete this process. Can anybody help me out.

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You can estimate the time remaining by computing the average transfer rate so far (number of bytes received / elapsed time) and applying that to the number of bytes remaining.

Within your NSURLConnectionDelegate's implementation of -connection:didReceiveResponse: you'll want to record the time at which the transfer started and the expected size of the response (-[NSURLResponse expectedContentLength]). Then as you receive chunks of data via -connection:didReceiveData: you can keep track of the number of bytes of data received. That will give you sufficient information to estimate the time remaning as outlined above.

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Note, depending upon your server, you may or may not receive an expectedContentLength. – Rob Jan 20 '13 at 2:47

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