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I'm kinda stumped on how to relate some models I have. Was hoping for some pointers or ideas!

Let's say I have 3 models, named "MinorTeam", "MajorTeam", and "Game". Each game references two teams; but how do I designate whether it could be either a major or minor team?

has_one :team_1, :class_name => "MajorTeam"
# or 
has_one :team_1, :class_name => "MinorTeam"

The two team models are substantially different, so I couldn't simply add a major/minor flag to a Team model. Any ideas?

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Polymorphic associations should work. You might have to tweak things a bit to get it right, but by using them, the team classes don't have to be anything alike, apart from having games.

module Team
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern
  included do
    has_many :home_games, :class_name => "Game", :as => :team_1
    has_many :away_games, :class_name => "Game", :as => :team_2

class MajorTeam < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Team

class MinorTeam < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Team

class Game < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :team_1, :polymorphic => true
  belongs_to :team_2, :polymorphic => true

I'm assuming you meant for your has_one to be belongs_to, as has_one would mean that each team belongs to only one game, which seems like it might be incorrect. If I'm mistaken, let me know.

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Oops, that was a bad typo haha. Yup, thanks! – user1769426 Jan 20 '13 at 1:40

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