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Jmeter listener can only show raw html response result. Any listener can show in graphical way like web browser?

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Jmeter listener can only show raw html response result.

Which one you are speaking about?

For the View Results Tree listener you can select way to display response, look into documentation for details:

There are several ways to view the response,
selectable by a drop-down box at the bottom of the left hand panel. 
    - HTML 
    - HTML (download resources) 
    - JSON 
    - Regexp Tester 
    - Text 
    - XML

including HTML:

The HTML view attempts to render the response as HTML. The rendered HTML is likely to compare poorly to the view one would get in any web browser; however, it does provide a quick approximation that is helpful for initial result evaluation. No images etc are downloaded. If the HTML (download embedded resources) option is selected, the renderer may download images and style-sheets etc referenced by the HTML.

enter image description here

As well Save Responses to a file may be useful although it don't renders response but allows to store all the responses as separate files locally.

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too bad rendering takes so long. It's almost unusable, but it's possible, which is what i wanted to know. –  Daniel Watrous Nov 12 '13 at 17:54

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