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I've inherited a Rails project that looks like it's using memcached.

I have a controller, in one method I'm storing a value in the cache with:

 Rails.cache.write("key", @var)

in another method subsequently called in the same controller I read it back with:

@var = Rails.cache.read("key")

and the variable is nil. Why is caching not working? I've just started using ROR so there's a good chance it's something pretty basic.

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Just a couple of things to check:

  1. Have you enabled caching in your development environment?

    You didn't say which version of RoR you're using, however cache is not enabled by default on development environment.

    To enable it, set config.action_controller.perform_caching = true in config/environments/development.rb file.

  2. Have you started memcached server?

    If not, start it with memcached -vv

If your memcached server is down when you try to write into cache, the call to Rails.cache.write will return false and the subsequent call to Rails.cache.read will therefore return nil.

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