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I'm trying to write a PHP script for my BigCommerce site that runs nightly and places customers into specific Customer Groups based on certain criteria. I can do everything else I need other than actually update the the customer_group_id. BigCommerce documentation only shows GET methods available for customers. Please help. Thanks!

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I currently work at Bigcommerce. Unfortunately at this time, our API doesn't support the ability to update customer group ids. However, you are encouraged to add this as a feature request to our Ideas site. http://ideas.bigcommerce.com/.

For your convenience, I have also included a link to our Dev portal, which includes the full API documentation as well as how-tos/tools and a new @Mashery powered API playground. http://developer.bigcommerce.com/

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Thanks. I'll add the feature request. :) –  FoosFodder Jan 21 '13 at 20:04
is the feature have been added. Its more than two years ? –  Moax6629 Apr 20 at 11:52

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