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My class uses QWidget and I've got some QPushButtons there and I'd like to set a QLabel on top of each button, which are set on the window by move() but QLabel doesn't want to move... I use setMargin but it moves it from left to right, but not up or down. There's an example of my code:

    self.btn = QPushButton(QIcon(),"Show table", self)
    self.btn.move(360, 10)
    self.btn.resize(100, 20)

    self.label = QLabel("Here comes the boom")

    layout_LineEdit = QVBoxLayout()
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Why do you need QLabels on top of QPushbuttons? (Perhaps you're not going the right way about achieving what you want). – Anti Earth Jan 20 '13 at 0:51
I have those buttons in a few columns and I want to set a label for each column. – Kamil Jan 20 '13 at 10:58
Aha, I probably misinterpreted the phrase 'on top'. Your labels aren't moving, because you've added them to a layout, which now governs their position. If you intend to position them manually, do not add them to the layout (better yet, add your buttons to the vertical layout as well, after the labels) – Anti Earth Jan 20 '13 at 11:02
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Add a moveEvent to your class and connect move signal to your slot, your slot should be a function that change your widget's geometry via:

YourClass::moveEvent(QMoveEvent *ev)
    emit move(ev->pos());

your SLOT function:

void move_label(QPoint *point)
    setGeomtry(0, 0, point->x, point->y);

and connect them as below:

connect(label_widget, SIGNAL(move(QPoint)), this, move_label(QPoint));
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