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I was reading Why's poignant guide to ruby and came upon this module on chapter 5:

require 'endertromb'
module WishScanner

   def scan_for_a_wish

      wish = do |thought|
        thought.index( 'wish: ' ) == 0

      wish.gsub( 'wish: ', '' )

I have been trying to figure out how it works but what is confusing me is how thought.index( 'wish: ' ) == 0 and wish.gsub( 'wish: ', '' ) work. According to the author the purpose of this method is to "only pick up a wish if it starts with the word wish and a colon and a space. That way the planet doesn’t fill up with every less-than-ten-letter word that appears in people’s heads.”

But the way I understand it, thought.index( 'wish: ' ) == 0 will check if thought starts with 'wish: '. However i dont understand wish.gsub( 'wish: ', '' ) in the way I see it it seems to just substitute wish with an empty string.

Can any one offer any explanation or further insight into it?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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wish.gsub( 'wish: ', '' ) in the way I see it it seems to just substitute wish with an empty string

Exactly! It replaces the string "wish: " in a string like "wish: A pony!" with "".
I.e. it turns "wish: A pony!" into "A pony!".

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I was thinking It would turn the whole wish into an empty string. Then I realized it would only effect the "wish: " string. Thank you for the insight. – raed Jan 20 '13 at 1:42

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