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I'm trying to troubleshoot my Rails 3.2 Twitter Bootstrap theme. Some things aren't working correctly. When I run this command I get the following output that doesn't look right or show the paths at all. Anyone know what I've done wrong?

1.9.3p125 :003 > y Rails.application.config.assets.paths

  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvYXBwL2Fzc2V0cy9mb250
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvYXBwL2Fzc2V0cy9pY28=
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvYXBwL2Fzc2V0cy9pbWFnZXM=
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvYXBwL2Fzc2V0cy9qYXZhc2NyaXB0cw==
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvYXBwL2Fzc2V0cy9zdHlsZXNoZWV0cw==
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvdmVuZG9yL2Fzc2V0cy9qYXZhc2NyaXB0cw==
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvdmVuZG9yL2Fzc2V0cy9zdHlsZXNoZWV0cw==
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vLnJ2bS9nZW1zL3J1YnktMS45LjMtcDEyNUBm bGV0Y2hlci9nZW1zL2pxdWVyeS1yYWlscy0yLjAuMi92ZW5kb3IvYXNzZXRz L2phdmFzY3JpcHRz
  • !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vLnJ2bS9nZW1zL3J1YnktMS45LjMtcDEyNUBm bGV0Y2hlci9nZW1zL2NvZmZlZS1yYWlscy0zLjIuMi9saWIvYXNzZXRzL2ph dmFzY3JpcHRz
  • !ruby/object:Pathname path: !binary |- L1VzZXJzL21hcmtydXNzb24vRG9jdW1lbnRzL3dlYnNpdGVzL2hvc3Rpbmcv ZmxldGNoZXIvYXBwL2Fzc2V0cy9mb250 => nil
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Your output is absolutely normal. It represents Ruby objects , returned by the command . You can try this code on your console :

Rails.application.config.assets.paths.each do |p|
  puts p

What else is not correct in your application?

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Thanks, this worked. Now I can read it. All that other digital output didn't make sense to me and I couldn't figure out how to output it correctly. –  MMark Jan 24 '13 at 22:37
Nice to know it's OK . Good luck. –  R Milushev Jan 24 '13 at 22:39

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