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I'm editing a .vim syntax file in vim itself, and I'm using "very magic" and "very nomagic" regexes, simply because I think they make more sense. Unfortunately, vim does not in any way highlight these correctly. For example, this regex, using very nomagic:


should match an open bracket. Unfortunately, vim thinks this is an unterminated collection, and so it floods the file with purple highlighting until it finds the next ].

Is there any way to get vim to properly highlight these regular expression modes?

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Where exactly are you using this pattern? If this is for syntax highlighting, please read the bit about magic and cpoptions under :help syn-pattern. – Nikita Kouevda Jan 20 '13 at 5:20

You'd have to override some of the default syntax/vim.vim syntax definitions (in ~/.vim/after/syntax/vim.vim), because the syntax doesn't consider this case, and assumes the default 'magic' regular expression syntax.

I guess the author of this syntax, Chip Campbell, didn't want to further complicate the (already quite large) syntax, and avoid the increased testing effort. It's certainly a good idea to ask him about including support for the \V / \M atoms, or whether he at least would accept a patch to include such an enhancement.

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