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As JPA is only a specification which persistent providers such a s hibernate should be follow, i cant understand how the hibernate specific calls happening if we code with JPA. For example JPA EntityManager is equalant to Session in hibernate right? Suppose the getTransaction() method in EM. I don't find Session extend or implements EM interface? Ideally it should be calling, em.getTransaction() will polymorphically invoke the subclass concrete implementation right?


interface A{

class B implements A{
void m(){

class M{
A a = new B
a.m(); // this will call method m in class B

How above implementation align with JPA and Hibernate please?

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How does the code have anything to do with the question? And I'd be surprised if there was a direct connection in the source code of the implementation classes. Most likely there would be a middle fluid layer of things like Adapters and Bridges to allow the spec and the tech to vary independently. –  Matt Whipple Jan 20 '13 at 3:20
yes i understand your point. can you please answer the high level flow once em.getTransaction() calls –  Harshana Jan 20 '13 at 4:05

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I do not see what does the code do with EM, this is just pojo. But if you want to use hibernate as a JPA impl you need to use hibernate entitymanager jar file. If you open jar file, Hibernate implmenets jpa's EntityManager class. This link is from hibernate class where it extends from jpa Em interface. You will get EM object from factory class. So factory class knows EM impl and creats object of impl class with reflection.

This is real EM impl by hibernate.

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EntityManager is equivalent to Session in hibernate right?

No. They are close to each other since they are the entry point to the first level cache respectively in JPA/Hibernate world. But they are not equivalent.

The hibernate Session API/contract is different from the EntityManager API. So expecting that one implementation extends the other is not relevant expectation.

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