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I have a string representation of a class's path. It could be any of three classes, all of which implement the same interface, Adapter, but I don't know what the value is.

  • "com.example.adapters.Music"
  • "com.example.adapters.Video"
  • "com.example.adapters.Photo"

Given only a variable holding one of the three strings above, how can I get a usable instance of the actual class?

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You can use:

String name = "com.example.adapters.Music";
Object obj = Class.forName(name).newInstance();

You will then have to cast obj to the correct type (possibly by examining the name or by using instanceof). It is easier if your classes have a common base class (or interface that they implement) and you can use obj knowing only that it is some subclass.

This will only work if the class has a default constructor. Otherwise you will have to use reflection to get an instance of a constructor method and invoke it with the proper arguments.

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Luckily the OP mentions that all possible classes should implement an interface named Adapter, so you can just cast to Adapter (maybe after doing a quick test with instanceof or the Class.isInstance() method). –  jahroy Jan 20 '13 at 5:01
@jahroy - Yes, it seems that OP can safely cast to an Adapter. However, the second part of the caveat still stands: this will help only if it is enough to know that the object is an Adapter, and knowledge of the specific type of Adapter is not needed. –  Ted Hopp Jan 20 '13 at 16:40

If a class has a no-argument constructor, then creating an object from its package-qualified class name (for example, "java.lang.Integer") is usually done using these methods:


For e.g MusicClass mObj = Class.forName(<string name>).newInstance();

If arguments need to be passed to the constructor, then these alternatives may be used instead:

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You can use String array for holding three string

String names[]= {"com.example.adapters.Music","com.example.adapters.Video","com.example.adapters.Photo"};
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Thanks, but that wasn't my question. –  Aaron Jan 20 '13 at 16:24

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