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I'm trying to create a new database programatically, kind'a one database per client.

and using this:

public void CreateNewClientDatabase(Client client)
    var connectionString = Util.GetClientDatabaseConnectionString(client.DatabaseName);
    var mongoClient = new MongoDB.Driver.MongoClient(connectionString);
    var server = mongoClient.GetServer();

    var db = server.GetDatabase(client.DatabaseName);

The Error I'm getting on CreateCollection is that I do not have the correct credentials, even though that in the connection string, my credentails are correct.

The Exception reads as:

Invalid credentials for database 'client_database_name'.

and the InnerException as:

{"Command 'authenticate' failed: auth fails (response: { \"errmsg\" : \"auth fails\", \"ok\" : 0.0 })"}

The connectionString ends up being this:


What am I missing?

P.S. Using version 1.7 of MongoDB Driver

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when downvoting, please mention the why as well, it's always good to know. – balexandre Jan 20 '13 at 4:41

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Bruno ... to do this on a shared service like MongoHQ, you will need to use their API to create new databases programmatically. Docs for the API are located at:

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