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I've found several code completion elisp packages for emacs that do code completion, but most bind to a key such as M-/ to toggle completion. Is there something similar to Vim's omnicomplete where you can set it to automatically pop up a list of autocompletion options where you can either navigate through them, or just keep typing.

See screenshot for example:

alt text

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I think company mode would best fit your description. Have a look at it.

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Awesome! I need to get company mode! –  A. Levy Nov 28 '09 at 16:24
Use autocomplete instead. It is newer and more complete than company-mode –  Natan Yellin Jun 27 '11 at 14:59

There are a number, all a little different:

They all have their drawbacks and advantages.

The emacs wiki has a page for all the completion packages.

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Can you? Sure. Reset a timer on post-command-hook. If it goes off (because you are sitting at your screen not typing), pop-up the thing.

It seems easier to tell your computer what to do (by pressing keys) rather than having it wait for your to stop typing for a while, however. Bind completion to something like the "menu key", and you won't even have to chord.

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