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Mingw don't have BIOS.h file by default. And i'm doing system programming by using netbeans IDE and a third party tool mingw. . ?

Can any one helps me, where do i get that file?

This is the code.


char st[80] ={"Hello World$"};

void main()
    _DX = (unsigned int) st;
    _AH = 0x09;
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Nowhere, you don't.

Those header files (dos.h and bios.h) are from 16-bit DOS compilers such as Turbo C or Open Watcom C. MinGW is a 32-bit compiler for Windows. As such, even if you get these header files, they will be useless because:

  1. they are incompatible with gcc
  2. they also need counterpart libraries because the headers themselves do not contain definitions of things like geninterrupt()
  3. DOS interrupt services (int 21h) are not available to Win32 programs

Further, gcc does not support variables aliasing to CPU registers (e.g. _DX, _AH).

You either need to use the appropriate 16-bit DOS compiler or write a Windows program using functionality available from gcc and Win32 API.

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Thanks you so much. you solved my problem. Yea you said right mingw is a 32-bit compiler. And it doesn't support bios level instructions. And even i tried to copy bios.h file from Turbo c++ include folder and copy c:/mingw/include. it didn't work. – qasim azam Jan 20 '13 at 8:30
If any one encountered with such a problem. you have to use Turbo c++ for bios level instructions. Mingw doesn't support bios.h. This is a link you can download turbo c for windows 7, vista 32 or 64 bit operating system. – qasim azam Jan 20 '13 at 8:32
@qasimazam: No! Using Turbo C++ is not the appropriate action- Unless you want to go back 20 years! Rather you should replace the BIOS call with a suitable Win32 or standard library call. Moreover Int21 is a DOS not a BIOS call; 0x09 is "write string". In Windows even with a 16 bit compiler, the call will be virtualised, trapped and converted to a Win32 console call, so any perceived efficiency in making the DOS call is false. – Clifford Jan 20 '13 at 8:49

Do you really need it? It's been obsoleted a hundred or so times. But from what I've heard, some older Turbo C versions might have it. You can also try out , but they say the file might not have all the functions.

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Yea i have to use turbo c, for bios level programming. Mingw doesn't support bios level instructions. bdw Thank you for the assistance – qasim azam Jan 20 '13 at 8:36

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