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From what I know, the em keyword in CSS means the current size of a font.

So if you put 1.2 em, it means 120% of the font height.

It doesn't seem right though that em is used for setting the width of divs etc like YUI grids does:


Everytime I read about em, I forget what it really represents.

I'm hoping someone can explain it to me so it sticks in my head heeh.

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Historically it is the width of an "M" in the font. Hence the name! In CSS2.1 it is defined to be the same as the font-size.

In many cases it seems more natural to use em rather than points or pixels, because it is relative to the font size. For example you might define a text-column to have a width of 40em. If you later decide to change the font-size, the column will still keep the same number of letters per line.

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thanks for the 'hence the name comment', I can remember it now hopefully! –  public static Sep 27 '08 at 19:57
As an aside, people (well, mozilla) recommend ex over em because it better maps to pixels. See kb.mozillazine.org/Em_units_versus_ex_units –  SCdF Sep 27 '08 at 21:50

Traditionally, em is the width of the upper case M. In practise though, an em is the point size of the font.

em dash versus en dash.

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It does mean the size of the font, but using it for width/height is useful for creating designs that scale with the font-size. This is becoming less useful now that most browsers can do full page zoom. Before when they could only change the size of the text, using em for width/height would allow those elements to scale also.

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An em size is proportional to its containing element.

For example:

<!-- Browser default size (usually 16px) -->
<div style="font-size: 1.00em;">
    <!-- 150 % of the container's size: 16 + (16/2) = 24 -->
    <div style="font-size: 1.50em;">

This editor keeps it in mind for me (as to how it works).

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They are re-calculating exact pixel values to em to make them scalable.

See this on-line calculator for example.

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This article is pretty useful if you are using sizes specified in ems: How to size text using ems

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