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I am using SVM-light on matlab, and I am interested in extracting the result W myself (instead on using the built in predict function). The result is a struct with

  • model.supvec, the support vectors, but augmented with an all zero vector (that I have no idea why it is good for).

  • model.a and model.alpha seems like the coefficients are in model.a, so I have no idea what is stored in model.alpha.

  • model.index, which I understood as keeping the indexes of the support vector, i.e. what coefficient goes with what support vector, but there is also a lot of numbers besides the 1:num(suuport vectors) (and sometimes I get that one index appears twice but once with coefficient zero).

All in all, I can't figure out half of it (but its working suspiciously well so far). Anyone has any idea what all this data means?

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