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I need list of files and folders in a directory (Note:no sub folder files) using command prompt ,in the format ie. File name - size - file type.
I tried using dir /A/S >AllFiles.txt. But the output is in a format that needs editing.

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This is on Windows? – Fabian Henze Jan 20 '13 at 10:14

This isn't possible with only the "dir" command. Powershell's get-childitem will do the trick though.

get-childitem -recurse | Select-Object basename, length, extension

Assuming you are running from cmd you could wrap the above powershell command line this:

powershell -Command  "get-childitem -recurse | Select-Object basename, length, extension"

To see all available options for the Select-Object clause you can run

get-childitem | get-member

in the powershell

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I'm not sure what you mean by file type. I'll assume you mean the file extension.

There isn't a simple way to get the total size of a folder, so I will list folders as name - <dir>.

The - is valid in file and folder names. You might be better off substituting : instead.

The simple FOR command lists either files, or folders, but not both. So below I use two FOR commands. The advantage of this is it supports unicode in names.

@echo off
  for %%F in (*) do echo %%F - %%~zF - %%~xF
  for /d %%F in (*) do echo %%F - ^<dir^>

You can combine DIR /B with FOR /F to get both files and folders in one pass, but it does not support unicode in the names.

@echo off
  for /f "eol=: delims=" %%F in ('dir /b') do (
    if exist "%%F\" (echo %%F - ^<dir^>) else (echo %%F - %%~zF - %%~xF)
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