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I am invoking multiple async calls of thrift from my code. I would like to wait for all of them to complete before going on with my next stage.

for (...) {
  TNonblockingTransport transport = new TNonblockingSocket(host, port);
  TAsyncClientManager clientManager = new TAsyncClientManager();
  TProtocolFactory protocolFactory = new TBinaryProtocol.Factory();
  AsyncClient c = new AsyncClient(protocolFactory, clientManager, transport);
  c.function(params, callback);


// I would like to wait for all the calls to be complete here.

I can have a countdown in the callback like wait/notify and get this done. But does the thrift system allow a way for me to wait on my async function call, preferably with a timeout ?

I didnt see any in the TAsyncClientManager or in the AsyncClient. Please help.

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Given that it was not possible to do this, I used the sync api client and managed the launch and wait using executors and launchAll. I am leaving this as my answer for people to have an alternative.

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