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Salutations. Currently, I use Eclipse (Galileo) with CDT and Boost libraries in OS X 10.5. I have begun the adventure of learning Qt, and I have installed the free version of the Qt SDK. I have grown quite accustomed to Eclipse, but unfortunately, integration has not been developed for Eclipse in OS X yet.

My question, therefore, is whether I can set Qt Creator to load template files for my header and source files (e.g., Doxygen comments in the headers and C++ comments in the source files). In Eclipse, I can accomplish this in the Preferences > C/C++ > Code Styles > Code templates.


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In recent versions of Qt Creator, you can add a header (i.e. for licenses and copyright notices) in Options (Preferences on OS X) -> C++ -> License Template. You can also modify certain Qt specific aspects of the project, like how to integrated UI files ( Options -> Designer). More sophiscticated settings are requested (see http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-126), but not yet implemented.

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I believe you because Qt Creator 1.3 touted the idea, but whenever I load the preferences, I do not see License Template available. I have downloaded Qt Creator at various times and even attempted to compile it from source code, but I still have not found this option. I might be overlooking the option (perhaps in a different menu location), but I certainly have not found it where you suggested.

EDIT I may have found the option. I assumed it was a separate subsection under C++, but it is actually a line edit box accepting a filename. Thanks for your help.

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