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In My Model there is 4 field

public class UserModel
  [Key, Column("ID", TypeName = "uniqueidentifier")]
  public int Id {get; set;}
  public string UserName {get; set;}
  [Column("Password", TypeName = "nvarchar")]
  public string Password {get; set;}
  [Display(Name = "Confirm password")]
  [Compare("Password", ErrorMessage ="The password and conf password do not match.")]
  public string ConfirmPassword {get; set;}

Note: ConfirmPassword is not part of the database field

So when try to save

public ActionResult Register(UserModel model)
     if (ModelState.IsValid)
        using (MyDbContext db = new MyDbContext())

I got the error that Invalid Column Name ConfirmPassword

So how to solve that ?

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You need to map your model to a seperate ef poco class. This provides a class for the domain layer, while the model provides a class for the ui using the Mvc pattern.

You should seperate these two concerns.

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Mark the column you don't want to persist to database with [NotMapped] attribute.

Other approach as described by ForeverDebugging

More detail from "Hide" column from database, but not View in Entity Framework

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