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I'm working on a function to convert input files for my app to .ly files for use with LilyPond. What I would like to do in the conversion routine is go ahead and generate the PDF of the music. If I were to do this myself, I would double click the .ly file or I would right click the file and select "Generate PDF." I hoped that using ShellExecuteEx on the file would work the same as double clicking the file, but it doesn't. Is there a way in VC++ (VStudio 2008) to execute the "Generate PDF" as found in the context menu in Windows Explorer?

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You need to use the proper verb in the lpVerb member of the SHELLEXECUTEINFO structure.

Here is how you find the right verb.

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How do you determine the Class ID? –  thepocketwade Sep 18 '09 at 3:46
If it isn't your extension, you grep the registry looking for the DLL you think it lives in. Or for the string on the context menu (don't forget the & in front of the shortcut key). –  i_am_jorf Sep 18 '09 at 3:49

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