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I am trying to create a filtering script that helps me to search for a specific thing. I am not that great with javascript / jquery and i found the following script and changed it the way i like it.

Everything worked fine, i could select white chicken, but the problem is when i select white and black to search all the animals that are white and black it doens't work.

what am i doing wrong or what can i change to fix this?



  $('div.tags').delegate('input[type=checkbox]', 'change', function()
var $lis = $('.results > li'),
$checked = $('input:checked');
if ($checked.length)
    var selector = $checked.map(function ()
        return '.' + $(this).attr('rel');




<div class="tags">
 <fieldset class="filter-grp">
 <label><input type="checkbox" rel="white" name="year" /> white </label><br>
 <label><input type="checkbox" rel="blue" name="year" /> blue </label><br>
<label><input type="checkbox" rel="yellow" name="year" /> yellow </label><br>

<fieldset class="filter-grp">
<label><input type="checkbox" rel="horse" name="type"  /> horse</label><br>
<label><input type="checkbox" rel="chicken" name="type"  /> chicken</label><br>
<label><input type="checkbox" rel="cow" name="type"  /> cow</label><br>


<ul class="results">
<li class="white cow">white cow</li>
<li class="white horse">white horse</li>
<li class="white chicken">white chicken</li>
<li class="black cow">white cow</li>
<li class="blue horse">white horse</li>
<li class="white chicken">white chicken</li>
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But where is black option in your code? –  VisioN Jan 20 '13 at 13:04
i changed it to english words so u could understand, but forgot some things.. like the options hehe sorry i'm going to change it now –  user1994589 Jan 20 '13 at 13:11
If you use default join you get more selections. Is this what you want : jsfiddle.net/d6Zyr/3 –  charlietfl Jan 20 '13 at 13:12
yes this is excactly what i ment, thanks for your help! –  user1994589 Jan 20 '13 at 13:16
Problem now is that if i select white, blue and horse it comes up with every animal that is white or blue it doesn't filter only horse out.. jsfiddle.net/d6Zyr/9 you can see it over here. –  user1994589 Jan 20 '13 at 13:47

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