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I had installed tomcat7 in Ubuntu 12.10 by sudo apt-get install tomcat7
I have two problems..

First one is, When go to the tomcat installation directory i.e /etc/tomcat directory, i didn't find bin directory. Where it is?

Second one is, While configuring Eclipse IDE for Tomcat7 i followed these steps
1) gone to the Preferences
2) On servers tab i choose Runtime Environment
3) Clicked on add button, i had chosen apache and then chosen Apache Tomcatv7.0 then i have Clicked next.
4) There i have given Tomcat installation directory as /etc/tomcat7 then i got error like following:
Unknown version of Tomcat was specified.

So, please help me to fix these problems......

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I was facing the same problem and the only mistake was to select /usr/share/tomcat7 folder instead of /etc/tomcat7 folder because bin exists in /usr/share/tomcat7 folder.

Hope it helps others.

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I guess English is not your first language, its doubt and not dought :-)

In Ubuntu you have to provide the location /usr/share/tomcat7 in Eclipse for it to work. Other way to find which directory is to run the following code

locate bin | grep tomcat7

and find where tomcat7 installation directory is.

Hope this helps you.

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Can you do a "which tomcat" and make sure you're looking for the bin directory in the proper location. If you didn't get a bin directory then you either aren't looking in the right place or your installation process had some serious problems. Try looking too at your environment variables (CATALINA_HOME).

In Eclipse, I believe you are failing because it isn't getting the bin directory. Once you get past your first question, it should certainly help you to answer the second.

Hope that helps.

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