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I'm trying to use the code at the bottom (from here) in the supersized jquery plugin (here). This is because I need a more accurate timer as I am syncing images with sound.

Essentially, where supersized has these lines:

vars.slideshow_interval = setInterval(base.nextSlide, base.options.slide_interval);



I need to do something like:

vars.slideshow_interval = accurateInterval(base.nextSlide, base.options.slide_interval);



The problem my javascript skills are somewhat limited and i don't even know the term/description for the below function, I suppose it needs to be in the form of base.accurateInterval = function(time fn).. rather than wrapped as is as I suspect the problem is something to do with using (this) in the wrong context.

I've tried to use the code as is, and I when calling clear() i get the 'is not a function error'.

How can I get this to work please? Any pointers, much appreciated. Thank you.

(function () {
    window.accurateInterval = function (time, fn) {
        var cancel, nextAt, timeout, wrapper, _ref;
        nextAt = new Date().getTime() + time;
        timeout = null;
        if (typeof time === 'function') _ref = [time, fn], fn = _ref[0], time = _ref[1];
        wrapper = function () {
            nextAt += time;
            timeout = setTimeout(wrapper, nextAt - new Date().getTime());
            return fn();

        cancel = function () {
            return clearTimeout(timeout);

        timeout = setTimeout(wrapper, nextAt - new Date().getTime());
        return {
            cancel: cancel
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The (function () { … }).call(this); wrapper is a coffeescript peculiarity to ensure that this equals the global object, and is actually not needed at all in here. window.accurateInterval = … would be enough to make the function global.

when calling clear() i get the 'is not a function error'.

This is because accurateInterval returns an object with a cancel method. Use

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hmm, i get the same error with .cancel() - I'm looking for another replacement that I can slot in instead –  rix Jan 20 '13 at 14:04
Huh, it should work? Could you console.log the vars.slideshow_interval (which you get back from the accurateInterval() call) please? –  Bergi Jan 20 '13 at 14:13
In firebug - Object { cancel=function()} –  rix Jan 20 '13 at 14:25
Then calling it should work. Which error do you get exactly, is it maybe from another line? –  Bergi Jan 20 '13 at 14:43
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