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In order to do more research / debugging related to this question, I am trying to debug ANT from within RAD. I have downloaded ANT source and compiled ANT. I want to start my compiled version as an ANT java program from within RAD to enable me to debug. I looked at these links - 1. Launch multiple java programs from RAD and 2. Setting up ANT launcher in RAD. Both of these are referenced 3. here.

I am still unable to follow how to move from creating an ant launcher as described in 2 to running it as a java program in RAD as explained in 1. In link 3, the person mentioned that they were able to do it, but somehow I am not able to make the transition from ANT launcher I created using link in 2 to defining Main class and the VM parameters as described in 1.

Can someone explain how to do it? I tried to add it as a comment to link in Question #3, but I couldn't add it as a comment, so creating a new question

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Sorry about wasting resource here. I wasn't able to get it to work, because I was putting the -f "build file " in location box instead of arguments box. Once i fixed that, it is working now

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