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I'm learning to make WordPress themes and am testing using the TwentyTwelve theme as reference to ensure my theme is compatible etc, all good. The following issue happens while using a fresh WP install with TwentyTwelve and no plugins:

Automatically generated thumbnails work well and make 150px squares for category views, but sometimes an image doesn't look right with centre weighted crop; and thus needs adjusted in the Edit Media section. If I re-crop and make a new thumbnail from the Edit Media page it all appears to work within WP Admin, but the public site breaks down and shows a rescaled version of the full-size image; not my newly created 150px thumbnail.

In my own theme I've added a php function to remove the 'e1358606444772' stuff added to the thumbnail filename, so the new thumbnail now replaces the automatically created one with the correct filename and path, but still I get the same response: thumbnails show at the correct width; but are actually rescaled full-size images at the original aspect ratio.

I've posted on the WP forums and can't get a reply. Anybody shed any light on this please? Thanks ....

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