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In IIS 6, to configure mapping, I can right click to Application ==> Properties ==> At Directory tab, choose Configuration ==> At Mapping tab, I can choose a extension (for ex: .aspx) , double click and copy Executable path, then Add a new extension (for ex: .htm) and paste path that just copyed. (all of them finished, website run normally)

I must installed website within Windows server 2008 with IIS7. I tried find out the same function. Then I found Handler Mappings, I also find extension (.aspx), It has path like in IIS 6, then I also add a Managed Handler (here have so many type, it's so complex _ ) with extension .htm.
But then finished, my website still can't run.

I tried to search a solution. At Handler Mappings, I also edited Permissions to Execute. But still error... (At ISAPI and CGI Restrictions, ASP.NET v2.0.50727 allowed)

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Can you defined "can't run"? What is the exact error message and code that you're getting? –  Ates Goral Sep 18 '09 at 4:35
ok. I edited AppPool to integrate with .NET framework v2.0. It work now! –  quangnd Oct 8 '09 at 8:34

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