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I am using the example from: http://dragonsandbytecode.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/game-dev-diary-5-about-textures-and-2d/

and i want to show multiple viewports, preferably that i am able to switch them on and off by pressing 1,2,3,4 etc. But first things first, how do i show multiple viewports? In the following function:

- (void)reshape {
NSRect rect = [self bounds];

glViewport(0, rect.size.height/2, rect.size.width/2, rect.size.height/2);

gluPerspective(50, rect.size.width/rect.size.height, .1, 30);


glEnable( GL_BLEND );


If i write more then one glviewport, it overwrites the other. I read somewhere that i have to make opengl draw to the screen first again, but how do i do that? I do apologize if i sound clueless, but i highly appreciate anyone who could help me out here. In GLUT i always used subwindows, but seeing that would use many different contexts i think the better way is to use glViewport() instead.

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